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Theme 1: Community Care

Theme 2: Health Human Resources

Theme 3: Cross-Jurisdictional, Integrative Policy Analysis

Theme: Health Human Resources
Project: 2-3a: Employment patterns among Ontario’s rehabilitation professionals: Occupational therapists.

Project Leads:
Susan Rappolt & Brenda Gamble

Synopsis of Project:

Projects 2-2 and 2-3 will conduct similar analyses, by sub-sector and sub-speciality, for the period 1993-2005, within the health professions of medical laboratory technology, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy; we are pleased that the four regulatory colleges are partners/collaborators in this study. The analytical methods will be identical to those employed in Project 2-1

The questions being asked are: How has the number and proportion of MLTs, OTs, PTs and RTs working in Ontario and ‘eligible’ but not currently working, changed? Do these trends and patterns vary by: age group, sub-specialities within each profession, and sub-sector? How has the shift of care from institutions to the community affected the number working, whether they are full time/part time/casual, and their likelihood of continuing to work in that profession, and in various sub-sectors? This work will be augmented by the survey analysis in Project 2-4.

Research Team:

Graduate Student:
Robyn Hastie MSc. (graduated)

Audrey Laporte
Raisa Deber

Partners and Collaborators:
College of Occupational  Therapists of Ontario, Barb Worth, Resgistrar

Based your work plan your current project status should be: (Indicate the current status of your project based on your submitted work plan. Please indicate reasons for any delays to your project plan)

  • Literature Review
  • Database constructed and cleaned
  • Descriptive statistic
  • Survival Analysis (including the linear hypotheses testing results and Kaplan-Meier Curves) (still needs to be interpreted)
  • Stickiness and Inflow for sector, employment status, multiple employers, funding source, and position (still needs to be interpreted
  • Stickiness and Inflow by age group for sector, employment status, multiple employers, funding source, and position (still needs to be interpreted)
  • Stay, Switch and Leave
    • Stay/Switch variables: sector, employment status, multiple employers, funding source, and position
    • Descriptive statistics for Stay/Switch/Leave include sector, employment status, multiple employers, funding source, position, age group, and education st(ill needs to be interpreted)

In progress:

  • Documenting in SAS (ongoing)

OT write up:

  • Writing up final report and publications

Presentations and Publications:

Oral Presentations:

Poster Presentations:

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