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CIHR Team in Community Care and Health Human Resources (Team Grant)

The CIHR Team in Community Care and Health Human Resources (Team Grant) research agenda addresses the need for better evidence concerning two key elements affecting, and being affected by, the shift of care between hospitals and home/community. Both have been identified as of high priority, nationally and internationally.

Theme 1 - Community Care of the Team Grant, addresses the demand side, with a focus on applying the balance of care (BoC) model developed by our international research partner (David Challis) to examine: the extent to which individuals with high care needs who might otherwise be institutionalized can be cared for in the community; and the costs and consequences of various care models for patients, providers, and health care systems. These models have clear implications for access, quality, and cost, as well as for service integration, and the mix of services (and service providers) needed to provide care.

Theme 2 - Health Human Resources of the Team Grant, addresses the supply and employment shifts of health professionals, with particular emphasis on: the sub-sectors in which these providers work; the factors affecting the likelihood that they will continue working in their profession; differences by sub-sector in retention (stickiness) and what workers do; and their training and educational needs.

The research findings from both Themes will be integrated in Theme 3 - Cross-Jurisdictional, Integrative Policy Analysis, which will focus on the extent to which policy, funding, regulatory, and institutional differences affect policy implementation, and the implications for patients, providers, and the health care system.

The Team Grant has assembled an interdisciplinary group of researchers, community partners, and collaborators, organized to provide an infrastructure to allow cost-effective sharing of resources across Projects. The Team Grant also assists in developing research capacity among our partners and students, and promote research and knowledge transfer in home and community care. We also use the extensive networks of our research team and research partners (in Canada and the UK) to communicate our results to policy-makers, providers, and consumers at local, provincial, national and international levels.

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