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Welcome to the M-THAC Greatest Hits Archive

What was M-THAC?

M-THAC (From Medicare To Home And Community) was a research unit funded by CIHR/SSHRC under their Community Alliance for Health Research (CAHR) program.  Under the direction of Raisa Deber and A. Paul Williams, University of Toronto, it brought together researchers and community partners to examine the policy implications of the shift of health care from hospitals to home and community. As can be seen from this CD, it produced a remarkable number of projects for the limited budget. We are very appreciative to CIHR for its support of health services research. For more information on M-THAC, click here.

This CD contains information about the projects conducted under M-THAC, including brief descriptions of our researchers and partners, and information about the projects we conducted, including some papers and presentations arising from them.  With the kind permission of our researchers and partners, we also include some bonus material including some classic publications we thought you might find of interest. We have also included the presentations and posters presented at the March 7, 2022 symposium.

Although the CAHR program has been superceded by the CIHR Team Grants, the M-THAC material has also been archived and is available on-line at: www.m-thac.org.

For new research being conducted by M-THAC's successor, the CIHR Team in Community Care and Health Human Resources, please visit www.teamgrant.ca. We are delighted that so many of the M-THAC partnerships are continuing, and hope for a similar level of success.

The M-THAC Team

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