M-THAC Research Unit - Greatest Hits CD


Home Care Evaluation and Research Centre (HCERC)

The Home Care Evaluation and Research Centre (HCERC), launched in 1998 at the University of Toronto, was the first multidisciplinary research centre of its kind focused on a program of home care research and exchange to address the organization, delivery and financing of home care across the care continuum.

HCERC has been superceded by two other projects. A CIHR/CHSRF Chair to Dr. Peter Coyte, "The Health Care Settings and Canadians: A Program of Research, Education and Linkage," operates in collaboration with 11 industry and community partners. The Health Care, Technology, and Place is a strategic research and training initiative based at the University of Toronto, funded by the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, the Institute of Gender and Health, and the Knowledge Translation Secretariat at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and through a Strategic Alliance with The Change Foundation. Its co-directors are Peter Coyte and Patricia McKeever.

HCERC has kindly allowed us to use the following bonus track materials: