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Project Title: From Hospital to Home and Community: Analyzing Local Realities and Global Logics

Research Team:
Williams, A.P.
Deber, R.
Coyte, P.
Flood, C.
Hollander, M.
Kushner, C.
Lum, J.
Rappolt, S.
Verrier, M.

The Bernard Betel Centre for Creative Living
The Canadian Health Care Association
The Canadian Home Care Association
The Canadian Medical Association
Canadian Nurses Association
The Conference Board of Canada
The Insurance Bureau of Canada
The Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC)
The Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA)
Neighbourhood Link/Senior Link
St. Elizabeth Health Care
The Home Care Evaluation and Research Centre (HCERC)
The Victorian Order of Nurses

This project aimed to:

  1. Understand which health care services were being provided outside of hospitals and physicians care across Canada, and whether or not these services were publicly funded.
  2. Understand the outcome of health restructuring by talking with health care decision makers.
  3. Understand how recent changes to the funding and delivery of health care across Canada affected organizations that deliver home care and the types of care that people are entitled to receive.
  4. Understand how health care services were being delivered given that an increasing number of global health services companies have entered the health care market (e.g. home care).
  5. Understand how increased competition in the health care market affected voluntary nonprofit health sector organizations that provide home care.

It is supported by a Strategic grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, under its program, Society, Culture and the Health of Canadians II.